We proudly produce an all-elastic shoulder holster that is designed to carry most small and medium frame semi-auto pistols and revolvers, intended for self-defense concealed carry, in calibers from .25 to .45 ACP.  While the holster will accomodate many longer barreled, larger frame pistols and revolvers, a level of concealment is lost due to the larger grip frame of such handguns.  Very large framed handguns, the Smith & Wesson "K, L and N" frame revolvers, for example, are not accomodated by the holster.

Our objective is to provide our customers with a single holster that is versatile enough to securely handle multiple types of handguns as if that holster was custom fitted to each of those weapons---and, with the unique properties of our elastic,  we have succeeded.  Our specially formulated and finished elastic contours to each handgun to hold it securely while providing an easy, smooth draw.

The simplicity of the holster; its versatility; and, its components are illustrated in the following photos:

Parts of the Holster:
The Victory Holster rig is comprised of three main parts:
1) Chest Belt---The main component of the rig and includes the securing hook and loop material at each end; the front and rear securing loop material pads to which the shoulder strap is attached; the stitch-formed handgun holster, the spare magazine/cartridge rapid-load-strip pouches and the ID holder pocket (inside).

The ammunition pouches accomodate two standard double-stack or two single-stack magazines for calibers from .25 to.45 ACP.  For those carrying revolvers, these pouches will accomodate two rapid load cartridge strips (5 or 6 rounds) for calibers including .38 Spl., .357 Mag., and .44 Spl.  The pouches are designed to allow magazines or rapid-load-cartridge-strips to be withdrawn from the top or bottom of the pouch. 

The ID pouch can accomodate your personal identification, your Carry License, a credit card or two (or some currency).  The equivalent of 4-5 credit cards can be comfortably carried.  Many of our customers especially like this feature since they can "leave their wallet behind" when hiking, bicycling or hunting and still have their important documents when carrying their handgun. 

2) Shoulder Strap---The elastic strap that aids in securing the Chest Belt and includes the securing hook material at each end to attach to the Chest Belt’s loop material.

3) Backing Pad---The pad through which the Chest Belt passes and lays underneath the handgun holster, between the Chest Belt and the wearer.  The Pad is removable if the wearer wishes not to use it.

We use a specially formulated elastic to produce our holsters.  The material is supple and envelops the weapon on both sides and, by doing so, securely holds the weapon in place without using ancillary straps or snaps.  While the elastic secures the weapon, drawing is smooth and easy due to its "finish".

Our elastic is not to be confused with surgical type elastic that easily looses its elasticity over a short period nor with some elastics used by others that is rigid and sharp-edged.  The elastic we use is designed to hold its shape, without "digging in".  The edge of the elastic actually "relaxes" over time and the wearing comfort increases with no loss of elasticity. The elastic has no "memory" so it readily conforms to shapes--especially your handgun.  The overall result is that the entire rig conforms to both the wearer's body and to the weapon being carried.  By utilizing the properties of this elastic, we can produce a holster that is very comfortable to wear for long periods; conceals the weapon being carried since it is carried close to the body (and it does not "flop around"); and, provides versatility so that one holster can accomodate a variety of handguns (no need to buy multiple holsters to carry different handguns).

The same elastic, but narrower, is used for the shoulder strap.  It does not "dig in" and applies almost no pressure on the shoulder.

No buckles, snaps, buttons, slide adjusters, etc., are used on our holsters.  These actually only serve to make holsters more complicated for the wearer to adjust and present opportunities for others to determine that the wearer is armed----an unwanted level of recognition for those carrying concealed handguns.  By utilizing the properties of the elastic and using Velcro closures, all these other components are eliminated thereby simplifying and streamlining the holster while providing secure attachment.  In fact, there are only three attachment points...one each to attach the front and rear of the shoulder strap to the chest belt and one that attaches the chest belt ends together.

Our Backing Pads are top-grain leather and the wearer may easily choose to utilize the pad or not depending on their own personal preference.

Colors and Sizes:
We produce rigs in both white and black and in four different sizes.  Sizing is determined by measuring the wearer's chest below the pectoral muscles.  The following Sizes and Measurements apply:

Small :         32-36 inches 
Medium:       36-40 inches
Large :          40-44 inches
XLarge:        44-48 inches

Victory Holsters fit most revolver and pistol frames designed for concealed carry.  Handguns fitted with accessory lights or lasers mounted below the barrel will generally not fit the holster.  Exceptions include the S&W BodyGuard 380 w/integrated laser and Sig-Sauer P238/938 pistols with Crimson Trace Laserguard lasers.  Handguns equipped with grip mounted lasers will generally fit the holster if they do not have external wires connecting the laser with its "on/off" switch.  Ruger LCP or LC9 models equipped with a Crimson Trace Laserguard laser will not fit the holster.

We welcome the opportunity to custom design a special size or feature to meet your specific requirements.  Please contact us to tell us what you need.