We are a "Small Business" focused on the "Big Issue" of personal protection and the safe and effective use of handguns.  

We proudly produce the Victory Shoulder Holster....the breakthrough, all-elastic shoulder holster that delivers Incredible Comfort to the wearer and Maximum Concealment of their handgun.  
We often say: 
  If your holster isn't comfortable; You won't wear it: 
  If you won't wear it; You won't carry your handgun:  
  If you don't carry your handgun; You are unarmed and vulnerable.  
This was the motivating philosophy for developing the Victory Shoulder Holster.

Our handgun training is individually focused to provide a student with the amount of firearms handling and shooting time needed to become proficient with their chosen handgun.

At Victory Personal Protection Equipment and Training (VPPET,LLC):

Our Vision is:
Every person who is legally permitted to carry a handgun will carry their handgun as often as possible and that each person will be skilled enough to use their handgun to protect themselves and others should the need arise.

Our Mission is
1)  To design and produce the most comfortable and concealable shoulder holster thereby facilitating an increase in the legal carrying of handguns.
2)  To train individuals to the maximum of their skill potential in using handguns to defend themselves and others.

Our Values are
1)  Supporting the fundamentals expressed in our U.S. Constitution
2)  A commitment to the right to Keep and Bear Arms as outlined in the 2nd Amendment
3)  Designing and producing the highest quality products on the market
4)  Spending the time needed to train individuals to a superb level of handgun proficiency
5)  Applying Honesty and Integrity in all our dealings 
6)  Fair and Equal treatment of all our customers and suppliers
7)  Exemplifying Outstanding Citizenship in our communities